delaBanda is a design studio specialized in building brand experiences. Combining technology, design and passion we aim to develop innovative solutions that solve brand communication problems.

We make apps, books, websites, interfaces, installations and other branding solutions. If you're interested in talking to us about a project please feel free.

delaBanda design studio
  • Rise iphone app landing
  • RISE

    Stream music application designed for iPhone5. Rise allows users to create profiles, read and rate album reviews, access to last record label releases and listen to sessions.

  • Rise iphone app landing
  • Reproductor de música en streaming. Rise permite crear perfiles, leer y votar críticas de discos, escuchar sesiones y acceder a los últimos lanzamientos de los sellos.

  • Rise iphone app browser
  • Rise iphone app navigation
  • Rise iphone app categories
  • Rise iphone app music player