delaBanda is a design studio specialized in building brand experiences. Combining technology, design and passion we aim to develop innovative solutions that solve brand communication problems.

We make apps, books, websites, interfaces, installations and other branding solutions. If you're interested in talking to us about a project please feel free.

delaBanda design studio
  • summernight iPad magazine layout
  • summer

    Concept and layout. Visual culture and lifestyle magazine created prototyped with DPS tools. The iPad app combines: interactive photo, intuitive navigation, sharing, audio and video.

  • summernight iPad magazine layout
  • summernight iPad magazine cover
  • Concepto y prototipo. Revista iPad de cultura visual y estilo de vida. La app combina una navegación intuitiva con audio, vídeo, fotografías interactivas y funciones sociales.

  • summernight iPad magazine article
  • summernight iPad magazine grid
  • summernight iPad magazine compo