delaBanda is a design studio specialized in building brand experiences. Combining technology, design and passion we aim to develop innovative solutions that solve brand communication problems.

We make apps, books, websites, interfaces, installations and other branding solutions. If you're interested in talking to us about a project please feel free.

delaBanda design studio
  • Rise iphone app landing
  • WAVE

    Walk trough illustrations for Wave, a 'friend to friend' location app. Illustrations help user to understand the common situations where the app can be used. Work done at wntc.es

  • Rise iphone app landing
  • Ilustraciones para la aplicación de locacalización 'friend to friedn' Wave. Situaciones diarias en las que la aplicación puede ser utilizada.

  • Rise iphone app browser
  • Rise iphone app navigation
  • Rise iphone app categories
  • Rise iphone app music player